Avex LED Light


Some days (or nights) are for road rides, others are for whatever the heck you want – the Avex LED Light multipurpose helmet goes wherever you go, whenever you want. This versatile helmet took the best features of road and off-road helmets, like 21 air vents for optimal ventilation and a shade visor for sun (and rain) protection, to give you a hybrid helmet for your daytime or nighttime road, gravel, mountain bike, and commuter rides. Sturdy polycarbonate in-mold construction bonded to a shock-absorbing EPS liner provides crash resistance and protects the head. The Pro 36O° Fit Adjustment System lets you precisely dial in your fit and, to shine a light on greater safety and security, a rear multi-function LED light lets you see and be seen, day or night. It’d be a bit bold to say the Avex LED Light does it all, but it sure comes close.

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