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The Best Bang For Your Buck Helmets To Buy In 2020

2020 has brought many new players to the bike helmet industry, while Giro, Fox and Specialized continue to release newer and better models. But the fact of the matter is that there are just so many helmets to choose from. Some are pricey, while some are dirt-cheap. Some are stylish, while some aren’t as attractive. You’re on a budget. Which helmet is right for you?


In this article, we’ll talk about the best “bang for your buck” helmets to buy in 2020.


Schwinn Intercept

The Intercept is made by Schwinnn, a well-known company that produces quality bikes. But you’ll be shelling out a lot of cash for a Schwinn bike. Their helmets, on the other hand, aren’t as expensive. With the release of the Intercept, you’ll only need to have $20 in your wallet. It’s ranked 4 stars on the STAR scale, popularized by Virginia Tech. That means you aren’t sacrificing safety for this price. The Intercept also has a dial-adjustable fit system as well as a removable sun visor. The ventilation isn’t great, but you really can’t go wrong for $20. All in all, the Schwinn Intercept is an amazing choice for beginner cyclists or riders on a budget.

Specialized Echelon II

Specialized’s original Echelon used to be the gold standard for helmets. Key word, “used to.” Now, they’ve released the Echelon II, which is a unisex helmet meant for road riding. However, many MTB cyclists find that it works just as well for off-road riding. In any case, the Echelon II costs only $90, and you’re getting the full Specialized experience for that price. It’s worth picking up for sure.

Safety Labs Expedo

Safety Labs is a relatively new player in the game, but their helmets do not disappoint. The Expedo is affordable, but doesn’t lack protection or style. Commuters and road riders favor the Expedo, mainly because of its removable magnetic visor that keeps the sun out of your eyes. The Expedo is also surprisingly aerodynamic, giving you that fast ride down the freeway that you’ve always wanted. It also has an array of ventilation windows, to keep you cool at all times. For only €49.99, you won’t find anything better.

Giro Syntax MIPS

Giro, a trusted cycling brand, has released the Syntax MIPS, a modern helmet that costs $120. The Syntax MIPS is made of a polycarbonate shell with an internal EPS foam liner. You’ve got 25 large vents for maximum airflow, and the design is very sleek. The helmet is meant for road riding, but MTB cyclists say it works just as well on the trails. Since Giro is a well-known company, it’s not likely that you’ll be disappointed by the Syntax MIPS.


Now you’ve heard about 4 of 2020’s top “bang for your buck” helmets. Which one do you think you’ll be picking up?


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