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The Best Bike Helmets of 2020

Looking for a new bike helmet? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best bike helmets of 2020.

POC Octal X Spin

This premium helmet offers supreme ventilation, comfortable fit and adequate protection. It’s not for casual riders, and its $275 price tag reflects that. You won’t find a better helmet anywhere for the price. It’ll keep you safe, without sacrificing comfort. The Octal X Spin is a great helmet for competitive riders or those who simply want to invest in a long-lasting helmet.

Bern FL1 Trail

The Bern FL1 Trail isn’t a premium helmet like the Octal X Spin, but it’s a great budget one. It’s designed to keep you safe, and that’s about it. It’s comfortable and relatively stylish, but you get what you pay for with helmets, and the Bern FL1 is no exception. The FL1 costs just under $100, quite cheap for a modern-day helmet. So you’ll get enough head protection, but you may find yourself sweating just a bit more. In any case, the FL1 is a perfect helmet for beginners or cyclists on a budget.

The Avex

A relatively new player in the bike helmet market, the Avex, by Safety Labs Helmets, is a good all-around helmet. Its sleek design and sturdy build give you just what you’re looking for in a bike helmet. It comes in a few different colors, so there’s something for everyone. But its air ventilation system is something else — the design will keep you cool, no matter the weather. How they did it is a mystery, but the Avex feels amazing on your head. Consider picking up the Avex if you’re looking for a super budget helmet — it’s not even $50. How can they sell something this good for so cheap?

The Loop

Now this is one you probably haven’t seen before. The Loop is a helmet that can fold up for easy carrying, reducing its size by 50%. Somehow, the Loop manages to keep your head protected despite its unique, bold design. When fully unfolded, it looks pretty much like a regular bike helmet, but when collapsed, you wouldn’t even know what it is. And it’s cheap, too. Close to $80. Do you want to take a chance on the Loop? Up to you… Which one of 2020’s top helmets helmets are you going to get?

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